Live Healthy Fit even when older

What is healthy ageing?

This site is all about healthy living for older people. Everyone gets old so they all have these questions 'How to slow down ageing', 'How to keep fit in old age', 'What is healthy aging' and 'Ways to keep your body healthy while ageing'. We will try to answer these questions in our site.

Is there some way to reverse aging or fight aging? May be yes, with the discovery of an oral pill called 'SeroVital' which can increase the body's own production of the Human Growth Hormone.

What is SeroVital

SeroVital-HGH Human Growth Hormone Booster is the latest in the quest for eternal youth by human beings. Human Growth Hormone or HGH has long been known as an anti-aging factor and injections of HGH were an expensive option for rich to stay young. But the effectiveness of HGH injections was questionable. Scientists in many laboratories were researching for decades to find an oral route to administer HGH and finally they may have achieved this goal. During the Obesity Society's meeting in September 2012, a group of well-known scientists announced that a new pill 'SeroVital' could increase Human growth hormone levels by 682% simply by stimulating the body's own Pituitary gland to produce more HGH. This was big international news and recently it has been widely reported on CNN, Fox News, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show, etc. Human Growth Factor HGH is credited with the ability to reduce wrinkles and body fat and to make you feel much younger with increased energy levels and sex drive.

SeroVital is a new product and not been tried and tested for long, so for the time being the best way for seniors to be healthy is to keep fit right up to our ripe old age. Just simple easy exercise daily for a few minutes can keep us fit even in our old age. While we age it is important that we eat right. Food provides the energy and nutrients we need to be healthy. A good diet and an active life while we age are most important for us to age gracefully. Anti-aging foods, Anti-aging diet, anti-aging vitamins and anti-aging supplements may be a myth, but the various pages on this website provides a lot of information about what we should eat and how we should exercise.

What are the best anti-aging supplements

Carnosine and Symbiotropin are said to some of the best natural anti-aging products.
Carnosine is a natural product and is in our muscles and brain. Carnosine is an highly potent antioxidant that removes dangerous reactive oxygen species (ROS) and alpha-beta unsaturated aldehydes from our body. Carnosine seems very effective in helping diabetic nephropathy patents. Carnosine in creams is said to reduce wrinkles. Carnosine eye drops are used in the prevention and treating eye cataracts.

Symbiotropin is a natural amino acid essential for building proteins in our body. Symbiotropin is said to increase the release of human growth hormone from our pituitary gland and is used as a natural performance boosting supplement. Symbiotropin is also used in beauty creams with claims of reducing wrinkles and making you look younger

Regular exercise, just simple easy exercises as explained in our pages on 'Easy Exercise' and 'Interval Exercise' can keep you really fit. Doing this simple exercise on a regular basis is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Even people who are frail can improve their overall health by doing the exercise regime called high intensity short duration exercises called HIT or High Intensity Training. We have dedicated pages for these exercises.

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